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Thanks so much for , er… stumbling across this page while looking for something else, probably*. But that’s OK. It’s still a joy to see you here, and I hope you’ll have a nice look around before you leave.

This site is what happens when someone who fears and mistrusts the technology is allowed to play with it once in a while. You’ll find a few video and audio clips of what I can offer, along with the occasional (very occasional) written thought or two about my journey through the worlds of acting and stand-up and life.


timthumbIf you’d like to follow it (or whatever you do with these blog things), there should be a button for that somewhere. Have a look at the top of the page. Or maybe the bottom. I certainly won’t be overloading you with updates. I mean, look at me; do I look like someone who maintains a blog with any degree of regularity? It’d be nice to think you were there when I do though, so go on… Press the button. Why not?

twitter-birdOh, and if you like following people on Twitter, why not add @richardrycroft to your list? Frankly, there’s more activity on here than there, which really isn’t saying very much at all, but it’s nice to feel as if I’m taking part. Have a look at the posts on here tagged TwitterQuest to see my ill-fated attempt to conquer that part of the universe.

In fact, feel free to have a browse around the whole blogsite thing and let me know what you like, eh?

Hope to hear from you.



* My goodness, you should see some of the search terms that bring people here! If you’re looking for something “like that”, why not settle here a while and see if you can put some nicer thoughts in your head instead?

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. hope this is you rich

  2. Kivvy LWC on said:

    I actually came here after searching for Richard Rycroft… 😆 Enjoyed being in your “presence” and will probably bobby again!

  3. Eddy Arias on said:

    Hi, first of all, my english “is not very good looking”, so forgive me if I sound funny. I just got here searching info about you, I’m watching Game of Thrones and after the first two episodes, oddly the thing that saddens me the most, is your character. Looks like he’s a really nice guy, loyal and caring, but man, he is so unlucky, work for a character such a Ramsay. Hahahaha, poor guy.

    Maybe has been a couple of short scenes, but I really like your perfomance, I can sense how uneasy someone normal must feel around Ramsay. Hope you don’t die in the show, at least not anytime soon.

    • Hello, Eddy.

      Thank you so much for that kind message and your good wishes for a not too early death 🙂 – your English is extremely good, by the way! I hope you continue to enjoy the new season!

      Best wishes,


  4. I have observed you in GnT and I would like you know that I enjoyed your performance very much. Mr Ramsay is a bit of a wanker though isn’t he? Although I am impressed by your nodding, I’m of the opinion that a quick knee to his bollocks would be more effective.

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