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Blogging with not much to say

This is not a new year’s resolution


It’s just a coincidence that I’ve returned to this blog in early January, OK? I’m not promising myself a blog a day for 2012 or any of that nonsense. I just got a bit distracted after my last post and haven’t had the time to tell you anything about my fantastically interesting life. I don’t think six months between posts is unreasonable.


The Edinburgh Festival was a blast. I performed and drank and laughed and tired myself out. Then I was in an amazing “immersive theatre” show at the Pleasance, Islington, called OFFICE PARTY. It was my happiest acting job so far. And then it was Christmas.


And here we are. The new year has begun and… er, well, that’s it, really.


It’s not that I haven’t had things to tell you in the last six months. I have. Loads of things.


Four of us got locked inside the flat we were sharing in Edinburgh, for example, and the police had to rescue us at 3am. That was an adventure.


We saw a very serious political discussion on TV late one night and everyone in it was wearing Hawaiian shirts and drinking from coconuts. We never discovered why.


Someone left me a message on my phone saying “I worry about you. Which is nice. Because I could just not give a shit”. It was a wrong number.


So yeah… loads of things happened. But I was too busy living to sit down and write about them. Sorry. And now I do have the time, the only exciting thing I can think of is the afternoon when I found myself playing musical chairs with Libby Purves. But I’m no name dropper, so I’ll leave that one there.


Happy new year, then. I hope it’s going to be a great one for you, even if you do give a damn about the wretched Olympics. I have no idea what the year will bring. I feel great optimism, but that’s pretty much a default setting. My life would be much easier if I could just shake off this bloody optimism.


Hope you like the new look site, and I’ll try to find something interesting to say before the summer.


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