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The latest development in my reluctant engagement with technology

I set up this blogsite thing almost two years ago. In my first post, I said something to the effect that I wasn’t entirely sure I belonged in the blogosphere (is that where we are? In fact, I do quite like it here), and that I didn’t anticipate becoming a regular blogger. Well, on that point, I can only wish there were more areas of life in which I could be proved so outstandingly right!

Having succeeded beyond my wildest dreams at becoming a barely contributing blogger, I think it’s time to take the next step, and become an equally rare podcaster.

I wasn’t actually looking for a reason to enter this field; there are quite enough of the things to be going on with, I’d have thought. But I’ve been daydreaming recently about the sort of place I’d like to hang out (and the sort of people I’d like to hang out with) if it existed, and the idea grew from there. Until it somehow formed itself as an occasional arts-themed audio podcast.

So, I’ve spent the last few days making a pilot – not for wide circulation on podhosting sites (imagine me even knowing a term like that!), but to sit calmly here in the hope you’ll listen to it and – most importantly – tell me what you think.

Here it is:

Blue Dot Cafe Pilot

Please click and listen.

(maybe open it in a new window so you can continue reading the rest of this page)

What do you think?

Do you like the idea? How do you think it might develop from here? Is my technical quality acceptable? I had a few issues with it, some of which I can overcome next time, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard worse than this. Or, maybe my crisp master copy will deteriorate when it gets transferred here? I know you can hear quite a lot of the edits (or is that just me hearing where I know they are?), but it’s my first project and I have faith that I’ll improve with experience – the last time I edited audio was with a block and a razor blade. It was quicker.

Younger readers may need to research this reference.

Are you involved with, or an admirer of, the arts? What do you think should be included in later editions? Is there anything you’d like to contribute? Don’t hold back!

Are you a podcaster? What important consideration have I naively overlooked?

PLEASE let me know what you think, either by commenting on this post, or by emailing me at

And, if you think it’s any good, do invite others to come here and give it a listen too, if you think they might enjoy it. The more the merrier.

Many, many thanks to all who assisted me with this ( I think you’ve all been tagged in this post). And particular thanks to Ann Druyan, President of the Carl Sagan Foundation ( My spirits have been uplifted by the positive response I’ve had from everyone I approached. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that every response I’ve had has been positive; two or three people haven’t replied to my messages yet, but I’m hopeful they will, before I go ‘live’ with this thing (if I go ‘live’ with this thing).

A couple of things you might also like to know:

My guest, Ben Mars, has appeared in numerous British TV productions. American visitors may also have seen him as the guy fishing strange things out of a river in the Mike’s Hard Lemonade TV ads.

The bands you heard are both on Facebook:

The Jellybean Rebellion’s single A Little Bit Indie / Hold On can be downloaded from:

There. A new blog post AND a podcast in embryo, What could be more 21st Century than that?


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