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Who is Richard Rycroft?

Thanks for asking.


I’m a nice middle aged chap who works as an actor (you may have seen me in something on the telly but forgotten what), voiceover artist and occasional stand-up comedian.

As a stand-up, I was a competition Finalist in 2010 of the Hackney Empire New Act of The Year, the Laughing Horse New Act of The Year (Judges’ Special Commendation) and the Reading Comedy Festival New Act Competition (Runner-Up). These days, I do a handful of gigs each month, mainly 10-15 minute sets and opening 20’s at the smaller clubs around the country, so my advice to you is, go to see lots and lots of live comedy and let’s hope we bump into one another sometime, eh?. Or get in touch if you’d like to know when I’m likely to be near you. It’d be great to hear from you.

If you’ve been here before, you might notice that I’ve deleted my Forthcoming Gigs page for now, mainly because one of those is probably of more use to the followers of Jimmy Carr or Jimmy Tarbuck and my name doesn’t have a ‘J’ in it, but also to avoid the embarrassment of not updating it regularly enough. Of course, if I should be overwhelmed with demand for its return, I shall bow gracefully to that pressure…

There’s a short clip of me doing stand-up, as well as my acting showreel and voicereel, on the page called Videos & Stuff. Do have a look.


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