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Happy School Days

So, that’s The History Boys done, then. For now, anyway. There have been enigmatic mutterings… That is all I can say… It is all I know.

The preparation I mentioned in my last post did pay off, I think. The project was intensive and hard work, but enormously rewarding. I had the joy of working with a great cast on a great play. For several of “the boys”, this was their first professional engagement, and it was an honour to share that experience with them. I look forward with excitement to watching their undoubtedly glorious careers blooming from this point forward.

Personally, the thrill was to find that a wish list role was within my ability. There have been a few nice comments in online reviews, which modesty, of course, forbids my posting here. The short but vital experience of this job has left me with new friends and many happy memories. Here are some of them:


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