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Extra SINS

That’s SINS as in ‘The Songs I’ll Never Sing’.


I’ve added a video and audio clip to the page about my solo show, but to ensure you don’t miss them, and also to acknowledge the hard work of others in creating them, I thought I’d post them here as well.


Here is the song I wrote for the show: The Songs I’ll Never Sing (Rycroft) performed by The Dash


It’s performed here by The Dash, who are a great contemporary punk band. Check them out at and I strongly recommend downloading their first EP, ‘Notes From The Bunker’ at


I’m biased, of course, but I’m excited by this band. I’ve only taken the trouble to download music twice in my life – it’s an age thing; I like to TOUCH my pop songs – but hearing this EP for the first time reminded me vividly of the glory days of the late 70’s, when we first heard the likes of The Clash, Sham ’69 (in that brief period when they were still punks), The Adverts, Slaughter & The Dogs… whoever you care to name. I’m not comparing The Dash to any of those bands. They’re The Dash. What could be better than that?


And here’s a video clip of a poem called ‘The Punks Have All Got Fat And Old’:


Originally, I had planned to have a few video moments in the show, including this one. The chap on the video was going to interrupt me ranting about “the glory days of The Clash, Sham ’69 (in that brief period when they were still punks), The Adverts, Slaughter & The Dogs…” with this, a poem by me and, mainly, Michael Turner (from his original idea). It’s performed here by Brennan Reece, who you can see as Dexie in the film ‘Soul Boy’ (  which is on general release now.


A few months after filming this piece, Brennan made his own stand-up debut and has been doing gut-wrenchingly well at numerous competitions in the North of England. Have a look at his comedy showreel on YouTube at


The video was shot and edited by the hugely talented Kris Luckin ( who should be everyone’s first port of call when seeking a camera operator / Director of Photography or karaoke king.


Without the video element, in the first version of the show, I would perform this punk poem myself, in a bright pink punk wig and punky shades, which did wonders for my ego, I can tell you. It’s no longer in the show, so think of this as a sort of ‘DVD Extra’.


The Songs I’ll Never Sing will be performed at:


THE CHESIL THEATRE, WINCHESTER, 7.45pm on Wednesday 27th October

as part of an evening called SIT DOWN STAND UP, which begins with THE GOOD, THE UGLY & THE BAD, a selection of funny songs written & performed by Gary Nicholson. Details here:


APOTHECA, MANCHESTER, 3.30pm on Saturday 30th October

as part of the Manchester Comedy Festival. Details here:



THE BLACK HEART, CAMDEN, 7.30pm on Tuesday 16th November

as part of a double bill, with Paul Harry Allen’s beautiful and successful show from the 2010 Edinburgh Festival, THE LOST LETTERS OF CATHY G. And in a pub reputed to serve banana bread beer, too! Venue details here:


I’m expecting to take it to the Brighton and Edinburgh Festivals in 2011, and am always interested to discuss opportunities to perform it around the country before then – do get in touch if you’d be interested to have it at your venue.


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