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Poetry is crap

I haven’t had much to say for myself recently, so here’s a quick poem to keep you going…




Poetry is crap

Poetry is shit

If you’ve got something to say,

Just bloody say it


Don’t dress it up in metaphor,  

In metre and in rhyme,

Don’t give me all this thee’s and thou’s

And thusly’s all the time


Poetry is bollocks

It has no place today

If I want to say “I love you”,

That’s what I’ll bloody say


I won’t compare her to a flower

Or the wind or sea or rain

She’s more than that, she’s a girl from Clapham

Who I want to see again


We like the same things on the telly

We both like using Twitter

We love kebabs with chilli sauce

It’s not poetry we want, it’s… pitta


Poetry’s irrelevant

Poetry has no point

If there was no more poetry in the world



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