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TwitterQuest Affiliates

(New readers should start here:




OK, not affiliates really. Just people who strike me as likeminded, and who I wanted to bring to your attention.





 Firstly – and I can’t even remember how I stumbled across this site – do have a look at


  I’m not sure how to describe what they do.

Well, it’s simple really. They publish photos of senior business people and make comments and observations about them. That shouldn’t be funny, right? Visit the site. You’ll thank me.

 They also do regular ‘in character’ tweets as    sexyexecutive Gary J. Cutlackowitz





Next up is a guy from New York who, I think, started following as a result of Judd Apatow’s retweets (see the post TwitterQuest 2,000). I know nothing about Nalin Kaul other than his profile says

  kaul6 Nalin Kaul

“I can save you from…..unoriginal dum dums”

 and he has a blog at entitled PIECES OF MY PERSPECTIVE.


I love the short, sharp, randomness of it. One minute he’s taking photos of his cooking, next he’s quoting favourite lyrics or telling us about something he’s seen or heard. Like this:

Overheard at an Indian restaurant 

·         Dumb lady: Excuse me, so what’s the difference between cow and lamb?  

·         Waiter: Well, they’re two different animals ma’am.






I’ve said here before that the unexpected joy of TwitterQuest has been making contact with great people I’d never otherwise have “met”. Here’s a private message I received a few days ago:

You – a twitterer that doesn’t twitter We – a boy band that doesn’t consist of boys or perform. We are soul mates somehow. Must join forces?

I replied:

Inspired! Yes, we must cross-promote at every appearance we make… Truly soulmates!


 These guys describe themselves as “the highe$t gro$$ing, non-performing Boy Band in the northern part of Eastern Central Florida”, and they’re clearly working hard to maintain that position. Do have a look at their website: and be sure to watch their videos. They do it all for the fans and they just won’t STOP.


They also have one of these FaceBook pages that you can click ‘Like’ on. That’s at!/TheStopBoys  I’d love to see them with millions of ‘Like’-ers. Go on. They won’t bother you. And they’re clearly decent people.


Of course, you can also follow them on Twitter at @TheSTOPBoys




Thanks to everyone who’s tweeted about me recently. It’s always a huge thrill when that happens. The total continues to rise (2,192 at time of writing), but I could do with another big name sponsor to generate the next avalanche of new followers. So, if you can think of anyone this might appeal to, do please ask them to retweet – see how comfortable I’m becoming with the language now?! A couple of people I’ve never met have been kind enough to mention me on internet forums recently, and someone at a gig last night even said she’d heard TwitterQuest spoken about on the radio the other day, so we’re on our way!


 My favourite tweet recently was from the comedian Rob Callaghan, who’s been a supporter from the beginning:


   CallaghanRob Rob Callaghan












TwitterQuest 2,000

(New readers should start here:


 One of these people is Katie Porter (@EternalKatie). She lives in Beavercreek. I think that’s somewhere in America.


I think that because, when I sent her a message today to thank her for becoming my 2,000th follower (yay!!), she replied, “Awesome!”, which suggests she’s American, doesn’t it. Also because she heard about me from a retweet by a Hollywood actor / producer / director.


Not him. That’s Stuart Laws, who I’m always going on about on here. I just thought it was time you had a look at him, in case you haven’t seen him in a comedy club yet, or visited his blog ( – he’s put up a new post today with a couple of videos which I think are very funny. Especially the break-in one). No, Stuart did a tweet about me to Judd Apatow, who you’ve seen in loads of American films and TV shows.

  This is Judd Apatow. He holds an entirely different camera to Stuart, and in an entirely different way. Which is possibly how he came to produce the movies Anchorman, Fun With Dick & Jane and The 40 Year Old Virgin, among many others. Actually, he directed the last one too. He also directed Knocked Up and Funny People, and… Well look, there’s all sorts of information about him on the internet if you want to know more. Suffice to say, I was thrilled that he chose to let the world know about TwitterQuest.


Not all of his followers were.


“Man, Judd-you give away your retweeets so casually they will soon lose all meaning.”




“I don’t get the goal here. Richard wants recognition for not contributing anything? Very 2011.”



But others loved the idea, and Stuart’s original message has been retweeted all over America this evening. And Scandinavia, Ireland, Germany and goodness knows where else too. The new followers are still coming in. So, thank you Stu, thank you Katie, and thank you Judd. The latest heroes of TwitterQuest.


Oh, and thank you @bagtheneematoad who, as this goes to press, is the latest of 2,078 followers.







By the way, Mr Laws is no shrinking violet in the film production stakes. Check out his hugely popular ‘Becoming Batman’ series on Youtube. It’ll open up a whole new world to you. Episode one (of many) is here: 
Don’t be fooled by the lo-tech beginnings. It gets massive!






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