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I don’t blog




Who’d have thought?

I’m not entirely sure I belong here, but I’ve been fretting about setting up a website for far too long now, and this WordPress thing seems to offer pretty much what I’d want a website to do, so I thought I’d give it a go.

If all goes to plan, I’ll put up some videos and whatnot to let the world know a bit about what I can offer. But be patient with me; none of this comes naturally to me. I’ll also be putting up a page of forthcoming gigs as soon as I can work out how. And, well why not, I’ll come and have an occasional think on this page too. I’m sure it’ll all be a way short of whizz-bang for a while, as I grope pathetically around, trying to find out how it all happens, and I don’t expect to become a regular blogger; you don’t really need to know what I had for lunch, do you? But when I do throw something onto this page, it would give me an enormous thrill if you’d make a comment or two, to let me know I’m not alone out here in space.

I have a couple of things in mind that I’d like to put up over the next few days, and then I might go quiet again for a while, but if you can work out how to do this, there might be a button you can press to make the internet tell you when I’ve done something new on here. That would save you coming back to see the same old stuff all the time, wouldn’t it. But do check the gigs page when it’s up. It’d be great to see you at something one of these days.

Over and out.


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9 thoughts on “I don’t blog

  1. Welcome to the blogsphere Richard. Drop me a line if you get stuck but it’s all fairly straightforward once you’ve tried it once or twice.

  2. Dick!!! So FAB to see you out in the blog world!!! Can’t wait to hear about your observations of the techy world and elsewhere. Miss you!! XOXO

  3. You have such a beautiful way with words. Keep those observations coming. We all can profit from them.
    I think after we have reached a “certain age” and you and I have, we have a bit of perspective and realize that life doesn’t end with one disappointment. Indeed it is those disappointments that help us redefine where we are headed and tell us if we need to redirect our journey through time and space.
    Reading your thoughts always helps me understand my own a bit better.

  4. Michael Kyte on said:


  5. Go for it! Can I request an article on your favourite jokes plz?

  6. Thanks to everyone for your comments.

    Lynne, I still blame you for getting me to use email all those years ago! By the way, check out a great fellow American, Lynn Ruth Miller (click on her link or something), and be sure to see her perform some time!

    Lynn Ruth, I take great inspiration from our virtual conversations too. Friends locally must be very tired of hearing your name!

    Mick, if I can manage it, it can’t be that hard – give it a whirl. It’s fun so far.

    And Barry, that’s a great idea. Jokes are hard. I need time to think about it, but it’ll be whirring away for a while, I promise.

    Hope you enjoy the new post I’ve just added.

  7. Great first blog! Look forward to more.

      • There is nothing here on what you have eaten e.g. for lunch. This is not a toy, if you dont use it properly it will be taken away from you and given to someone more deserving (and informative). Look we are not expecting a detailed menu, it is not a receipe page, just something broadly indicative – fish, soup, a lamb cutlet, that sort of thing. Step up Richard.

        “Remember second place is first loser”

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